Facebook Advertising Professional course

If your business is not taking Social Media Marketing seriously, it is most probably not realizing the full competitive advantage that the platform promises.

It is more than simply posting an image with a caption. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, working professional or student, join us to gain the skill of Facebook Advertising so that you can leverage the platform effectively to uplift a brand as well as add the in-demand skill set for individual growth.


Facebook Advertising course takes a hands-on, practical approach, leading you through the stages in developing and implementing a Facebook ad campaign. The course also explains the strategic decisions you will need to take in order to harness the full capability of the world’s largest social network. By the end of this course, you will have discovered how Facebook ads really work, typical response rates and the myriad of options available in order to excel at Facebook advertising.

  • Creating campaign goals
  • Where Facebook advertising works and doesn't
  • Examples and who's using what
  • How to use Facebook advertising in the different stages of the sales funnel
  • How Facebook ads work and why they are different from Google ads

  • Page post engagement ads
  • Page like ads
  • Offer claim ads
  • Event response ads
  • Clicks to website ads
  • Lead generation ads
  • Conversion ads
  • Brand awareness ads
  • App install ads

  • Understand the eligibility criteria for premium ads
  • Ad auction and bidding
  • How to buy premium ads using Facebook

  • Building custom audience and lookalike audience
  • Core audience- demographic, behaviors and interests
  • Facebook audience network
  • Re-marketing ads on Facebook

  • Word limits and content guidelines
  • Image shapes and sizes
  • What ad content performs well
  • Ad relevance score and its impact

  • CPC, CPM and Cost per Action - what's allowed and where
  • Pros and cons of different bid management options
  • Management, measurement and reporting tools
  • Facebook analytics
  • Pixel Installation

  • Understanding Sales Process
  • Creating Properties

Instructor Lead

Campus Training


8 Weeks


Kantipath, Kathmandu

Social Media Marketing

Ads Manager

Facebook Adversing

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Facebook Advertisement

Facebook Advertisement

Instructional Team

Prasanna Dhakhwa

Digital Marketing Practitioner

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