Boost Posts: Are they enough?

Do you have your own Facebook business page?
If yes, how often do you notice the “boost post” option on the content you post?
Many marketers tend to boost posts and are satisfied by the likes, comments they get. There is a huge misconception that boosting your post is at the core of Facebook marketing, when in fact nothing could be further from the reality.
Here are three things you should keep in mind when you want to boost a post.
1. It’s not the only option you have
Boost post basically helps your content reach out to more audience. It increases the chances of your posts being visible in your audiences’ feed. But Boost post isn’t the only option available for you to promote your content.
You have eleven other options to choose from, yes ELEVEN!
These options are termed ‘objectives’. And like the term suggests each of the objectives are to meet your various marketing goals. You can get access to all this along with other useful tools through Facebook Ads manager.
The objectives are broadly categorized into three groups:
  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration and
  3. Comparison
2. All those limits!
Boost post has limits when it comes to your audience customization, ad placement, budgeting and duration: let’s just say on almost everything. Also, boost post is only about letting the particular post have a better reach to promote likes, comments and share but you can’t create a proper marketing campaign by just boosting. Nor can you customize your ad as much as you can through Ads Manager.
Here are a few other limitations that you’ll face while boosting:
  1. Limits to budgeting and bidding
  2. Limits to audience creation
  3. Limits to Ads format
  4. Limits to Ads placement
  5. No split-testing options
These are just a few of the limitations of boost post when comparing with Ads manager and other ad objectives. Opt for a strategy that gives you better flexibilities with your objectives. So, don’t stay limited to just boosting your post.

3. Do boosting posts align with your marketing goals?

The key to succeeding is having well-defined marketing goals and a proper strategy. Similarly, if you are opting for digital marketing then you should also have a digital marketing goal and a plan. That is why your Facebook marketing objective should align with your marketing goal. Facebook ad objective depends on what action you want your audience to take on a particular ad.
If you want more of your target audience to be able to see and interact with your ads then boost post can be the right option for you. However, if you want leads through your ad or drive traffic to your website, then boost post isn’t the best way forward. Boost post is what you do if you want brand awareness which comes under the ‘Awareness’ category.
Do not stop just at boosting. Facebook marketing is vast and the platform provides you with a plethora of tools to achieve your marketing goals. Keep learning and trying new tools. If you are still doubtful and want to know more about Facebook Advertising or Digital Marketing, eCdemy Nepal is the best place for you. We believe learning is a continuous process. Learn with us to explore the vast universe of Digital Marketing.
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