7 Ways to Respond To Negative Feedback on Your Social Media Page

Social media is super transparent and public. Ignoring a bad review is no longer an option. If anyone writes something negative about your product or service, the entire world can see it. People will judge you based on several criteria: how quickly you respond, what was your reaction, what was your customer’s reaction and how did the entire thing end. However, just responding to negative comments isn’t enough.
Social media is all about quick instant AND positive response.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when responding to a negative comment:

Respond quickly (within 24-48 hours):

You should respond as soon as you receive a negative comment. Treat every comment from your customer as urgent. Respond quickly and show that you care about your customer’s feedback and that you’re an active member in your business. The faster you respond, the better you’ll look in the eyes of the social media community.

Stay calm:

It’s important to response to negative comments but it’s even more important to stay calm and respond politely. In the event that you are wrong, admit your mistake and apologize. Don’t get into an online argument.
Even if you are right, show sympathy that they had a bad experience. Customers will see and value your honesty and your attempts at empathy. If you are good with humorous writing use that to your advantage. Responding with humor is one of the best way to reduce a tense situation.

Solve the issue:

Customers want you to see what the problem is. The best response to a negative online review is one that directly addresses the reason for the reviewer’s displeasure and comforts them that management is already fixing it. Valuing them and letting them know that you are interested in fixing their problem can turn a dissatisfied customer into a brand’s advocate.

Think of future customers:

If a potential customer were to read the negative reviews, it would be a minus point for the brand. It is important to recognize the comment and try to take conversation offline. A simple message such as, “Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Would you email me directly so that I can learn more?” does the trick. After you resolve the problem offline, go back to public view and say something like “Thanks for connecting with me offline. Hopefully we were successful in resolving your concerns.”

Identify the context:

On social media and generally in all online dealings things can be misconstrued quickly. Don’t just jump in. Many customers mistakenly believe that you know exactly what they’re talking about. While this may make perfect sense to them when they write it, you may be understanding it wrong. Try asking some helpful questions first, so you perfectly understand the issue before a final response from your side is made.

Transform the conversation:

By turning a negative response into a positive you can change the narrative and earn the goodwill of the customer. You don’t always have to say “sorry”, ban an offensive comment, or write a long response. Sometimes you just need to own it and shamelessly laugh about it with your audience.

Highlight your company values:

In other cases, you should fight back and protect your brand reputation. Try to avoid doing anything that causes bigger arguments. Always be protective towards your brand. Turn the negative comments into a positive by highlighting the values of your brand.
You shouldn’t think about dealing with complaints on social media as a horrible obligation but more as an opportunity. You can turn your customers’ bad experience into a good one and to change complaints into compliments.
According to Gary Vaynerchuk, “You have to be no less than a customer concierge, doing everything you can to make every one of your customers feel acknowledged, appreciated, and heard. Social media gives businesses the tools to do that for the first time in a scalable way.”
Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity!
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